9 Best Wix Alternatives in 2024

I was looking for some of the best Wix alternatives for one of my client.

People who are just starting out often use Wix to make their first websites. They probably heard about it from one of the many ads.

The problem is that their free version has very little functionality, and upgrading costs a lot.

The good news is that there are a lot of other website tools that offer better functionality and features for less money.

I’ll talk about some of my picks for the best Wix alternatives that are stronger and more reliable in this piece that i could find on the internet after researching it and also i will share my own experiences with them as well.

But First, Lets talk about…

Why Are People Switching Away From Wix?

Many people like Wix because it’s said to have an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that lets you make websites quickly and now they also offer AI support as well and your website can be build with just one click by an AI builder.

But they only let users use a few features, and if you want to add more options to your site, you’ll have to pay for each third-party app or plugin. As your business grows, it costs more to use and has fewer options.

It also affects the templates or themes you can use on your website. After your website has gone live on the internet, you cannot switch to a different template.

Wix is upsetting many users with these limitations, which makes them want to switch to other, more powerful and reliable options.

There are a lot of good alternatives to Wix that offer more features, more freedom, and lower prices.

Best Wix Alternatives

You can build your site with a number of different website tools. And Here is a list of the best Wix alternatives for small businesses, blogs, online shops (eCommerce sites), and more, I try to cover all type of platforms that i can in this article.

The best alternatives to Wix are listed below.

1. WordPress

Best Wix Alternatives

Let’s start with most popular option on the internet WordPress, My own website is also build with wordpress.

A great alternative to Wix, Since WordPress is used by more than 43% of websites around the world, it is the clear market winner.

WordPress comes in two forms, which can be confusing for people who are just starting out. There are two types of WordPress: WordPress.org, which is free and self-hosted, and WordPress.com, which is hosted (ranked #8). We’ll talk more about WordPress.com later in this piece.

Without a doubt, WordPress gives you the most power over your website. It’s very adaptable and makes it easy to start a blog, an online shop, a community forum, or any other kind of site.

It also comes with a huge library of WordPress themes, plugins, and tools that you can use to quickly change the look of your site and add new features.

It’s not like Wix; it’s an open-source website builder with a simple control panel that lets you make changes.

You can also change things on your site with the WordPress customiser that lets you see the changes right away.

To set up your website, you’ll need a WordPress hosting platform (where you’ll store your files) and a domain name (the URL that users will use to view your site, such as anukulsaini.com or google.com).

Price: WordPress is a website builder that is free. You will need to pay around $10 a year for a domain name and $1.99 a month for shared web hosting, though.

2. Web.com

For small businesses, Web.com is a famous website builder. They’re a very popular Wix alternative among business owners because their price plans are so low.

They have a drag-and-drop website builder that is easy for anyone to use, even if they don’t know much about computers.

They have thousands of beautiful pre-made website templates that you can choose from and change the way they look with just a few clicks.

Their eCommerce tools make it simple to set up an online store and take payments on your website.

With any Web.com plan, you get a free domain name, a business email address, autosave and backup, website security, SEO tools, website stats, and other useful website tools.

For Web.com’s starting plan, the price starts at $1.95 per month. Their eCommerce plan, which starts at $3.95 a month, is required to build an eCommerce website. This is one of the cheapest alternatives to Wix that still has a lot of useful features.

3. HubSpot Website Builder

HubSpot Website Builder is a strong website builder made for small business owners and marketers. You can use it instead of Wix to make your own website quickly and easily, without having to learn how to code.

The best thing about HubSpot’s content management system is that it blends the power of their drag-and-drop website builder, marketing automation tools, and CRM. This lets you give your users a more personalized online experience.

Their conversion-optimized website templates make it easy to make a website that gets results fast. Their drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to change things about pre-made themes or start from scratch and make your own web design.

The HubSpot website builder works perfectly with their CRM tool, so you can use customer information to give each website visitor a completely unique online experience.

There are also SEO tools, powerful analytics tools, blogging tools, live chat software, email marketing tools, support for material in multiple languages, and more that stand out.

HubSpot is one of the best website builders for marketers and small businesses because it has a lot of useful features.

The price of HubSpot Website Builder starts at $25 per month. It lets you make a blog or website.

CRM, email marketing, live chat, forms, popups, analytics, and more are just some of the powerful marketing tools you get.

HubSpot knows that WordPress is the most popular website builder, so they made a free app for WordPress that lets you use HubSpot’s marketing tools with WordPress. This way, you can get the best of both worlds.

4. Gator by HostGator

HostGator’s Gator is a top site builder. It is the best website builder solution and a great substitute for Wix because it was created by a well-known hosting business.

For easy website creation, it comes with more than 200 templates that can be changed in any way you want.

These templates are stylish and beautiful, so they will make a great first impact on people who visit your website.

Gator is a hosted solution, which means that they back up, update, and monitor your website for you. You can then focus on making your business grow.

There are also a lot of tools, social media features, a live Instagram feed, and support for online shops. It also has premium stock photos that you can use on your site.

Price: Gator’s premium plans start at $3.46 a month, which is low enough for small businesses and new companies to pay. Every plan comes with a free domain name, an SSL certificate, website analytics, and premium live support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

5. SeedProd

First let me clear this its not a tool its a plugin for your WordPress CMS and it works like a website builder tool for you.

SeedProd is a drag-and-drop page builder and the best theme for WordPress websites are both called SeedProd. It comes with more than 300 website templates for a range of business types.

With their theme builder, you can make your own unique WordPress themes even if you don’t know how to code.

It also comes with more than 100 section templates that have already been properly designed to save you time. It’s easy to make any website or online store because you can pick and choose the best design features.

You can start changing any part of your site from the front end with its point-and-click tools. You have full control over everything in SeedProd, such as fonts, colors, shapes, backgrounds, custom CSS and HTML, and more.

It lets you edit in more complex ways, with tools like find and replace styles, a powerful color manager, copy and paste styles, and more.

This site is better and faster than Wix. A stronger and more effective solution for creating any website, blog, online store, or membership site is provided by its combination with WordPress.

SeedProd comes with subscriber management, email marketing connections, dynamic personalization options, proper access control, and more built in, unlike other Wix alternatives.

Price: The price starts at $39.50 a year, which includes premium support and product updates for one year.

For $199.50 a year, you can get the Pro plan, which gives you access to the theme builder as well as full website kits, 2 million stock photos, email marketing connections, and more.

There is a risk-free 30-day money-back promise on both plans, with no questions asked. You don’t have to worry about your money while you learn how to use the app.

6. Thrive Theme Builder

Another well-liked drag and drop website theme builder for WordPress websites is Thrive Theme Builder. It makes it easy to make a unique website that converts well without having to code anything.

Thrive Theme Builder comes with four different website themes that have web page and landing page templates that are already made and ready to use.

It’s built into the templates so that they look great right away. But you can easily change everything on your site by clicking and pointing. This includes the header, footer, blog posts, topic pages, search pages, and more.

Additionally, it comes with more than 100 design and site-building features that you can add to your website using the drag and drop functionality.

You can pick from things that are already made, such as call-to-action buttons, lead creation forms, testimonials, and product highlights, to name a few.

You can make a beautiful online store with Thrive Theme Builder and WooCommerce because they work together so well. Plus, it works with a lot of well-known email services and CRM programs to help you keep track of your leads.

Price: The standalone plugin for Thrive Theme Builder costs $99 per year and comes with unlimited updates and customer support available around the clock.

For $199 a year, you can get both the Thrive Theme Builder plugin and the Thrive Architect plugin, which is a drag and drop landing page builder.

You can also pay $299 a year to get the whole Thrive Suite of plugins, which includes Thrive Theme Builder, Thrive Apprentice, Thrive Comments, Thrive Leads, and more.

7. Beaver Builder

If you want to get your website up and running quickly, Beaver Builder is a powerful WordPress page builder plugin that works with other WordPress features.

It comes with a lot of lovely landing page and content page templates that you can use right away on your site. You can publish the pages after adding your own text and images to replace the demo material.

Beaver Builder, on the other hand, lets you make fully customizable pages and has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder for setting them up. You can also change things on your site with the WordPress customizer.

Price: The basic plan costs $99 and gives you access to premium modules, templates, support, and updates for one year. You can also make as many websites as you want with this plan.

You can choose the Pro plan for $199 if you want more advanced features like support for WordPress multisite networks, a built-in Beaver Builder theme, and more.

They have a $399 Agency plan for business users who want to white label the software and have full control over it.

You can make completely unique WordPress themes from scratch with the Beaver Themer add-on that comes with Beaver Builder. You don’t even have to write any code. This is great for people who want to become developers or for companies that want to make websites faster.

8. Shopify

You can set up an online store with Shopify, which is eCommerce software that works with your website builder. You can switch from Wix to Shopify.

It comes with features like inventory control, marketing automation, 1-click checkouts, simple shipping, and more.

For each sale you make using Shopify, unlike BigCommerce, you must pay transaction fees. When you want to expand your online store, it also comes with a price tag.

In order to expand the functionality of your online store, this eCommerce platform also has an app store where you can download add-ons.

There’s also a Shopify app for phones that lets you run your store from anywhere.

9. Squarespace

A premium website builder like Wix is Squarespace. For new users, it’s simple to add content anywhere on the site without having to change the code.

Some third-party apps don’t work with Squarespace, though, which can slow your business’s growth.

At the start, it might be perfect, but as your company grows, you need to switch to a better platform like WordPress.

More Wix Alternatives

Other alternatives to Wix, they might be better suited to your needs.


For WordPress blogs and websites, WordPress.com is a hosting solution. Matt Mullenweg, who co-founded self-hosted WordPress and started Automattic, built it.

With WordPress.com, you don’t have to think about software updates and backups like you do with self-hosted WordPress.org. That’s a fully customizable website builder for kids and writers.

There is no drag and drop builder on WordPress.com. But the live customizer that comes with WordPress makes it easy to make changes.

Price: The basic plan is free, but it only has a few features. The personal plan costs $4 a month and comes with a custom name, but the free plan does not.

It costs $8 a month for workers to use their premium plan. The business plan costs $25 a month and is good for small business websites.

To open an online store with unique features and WooCommerce add-ons, you can pay $45 a month for the eCommerce plan. All of their plans are paid once a year.


BigCommerce is an easy-to-use eCommerce builder for your online store. Building a strong online store is easy with this one-stop solution, and you can easily expand it to meet your needs as your business grows.

It is a hosted platform, which means that its team of experts will handle the speed, security, updates, and any other technical problems with your website.

The features of the two most powerful platforms can be combined to create a fantastic eCommerce solution for your users thanks to BigCommerce’s close relationship with WordPress.

When it comes to payment methods, BigCommerce offers PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Chase Pay, Visa Checkout, Square, and many others. It doesn’t charge any fees for transactions, so you keep all of the money you make from sales.

It is the best eCommerce solution for people who own online stores, and it’s even better than the Wix eCommerce builder.

Price: You can try out all of BigCommerce’s features for free for 15 days. Plans that cost money start at $29.95 a month and include unlimited internet. As your business grows, you can move up to a better plan that has more conversion improvement features and eCommerce tools.


This website builder from Weebly can be used to make any kind of website. For a long time, it has been an option to Wix and is great for small businesses and new businesses to start.

You can’t add third-party tools to make your site more powerful, and it only lets you use a few of its features.

You will also have to pay a 3% transaction fee every time someone pays you through your online store.

Final Words: Which is the Best Wix Alternative?

WordPress is the best choice if you want a great option to Wix that won’t break the bank. It is very adaptable, easy to use, and gives you a huge number of ways to customize it.

After that, you can use one of the powerful WordPress drag and drop page builder plugins, such as SeedProd, Thrive Architect, or Beaver Builder, to make beautiful website layouts without having to write any code.

We suggest checking out Web.com if you’re looking for a solution other than WordPress that has better support and is easier to use than Wix.

For small business owners looking to establish an online presence, it’s an excellent solution. They have very low prices and give expert support, such as custom website design services.

You might also want to try the HubSpot website builder. Small businesses that want an all-in-one marketing solution with email marketing, CRM, sales tools, and more will love it. HubSpot can be used instead of Wix because it has so many useful tools.

To make a strong online store instead of Wix’s eCommerce solution, you’ll need BigCommerce or Shopify. Both offer much more powerful eCommerce options than Wix, and it comes with all the important features.


Is there a better alternative to Wix?

There are a number of Wix alternatives, each with its own features and functions. Like Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly, WordPress, and IONOS, these are all alternatives. When picking a website builder, you should carefully think about your needs and budget to make sure you get the best platform for your wants.

Is there a cheaper option than Wix?

Depending on the web host you pick, WordPress.org is a popular choice that might cost less than Wix. Web hosts are available for less than $5 a month. It’s important to know, though, that Wix does have a free plan. This plan comes with fewer features and does not allow you to use a custom name.

What is the best website builder for small businesses?

Weebly is the best choice for small businesses because it’s cheap, easy to use, and has a lot of features. It only takes minutes to make a website, and it lets you add shopping carts, take payments, and see how your business grows over time.

Is Wix worth paying for?

Depending on your wants and budget, Wix may or may not be worth the money. You might like using it if you need something that is quick and easy to set up with little trouble. If you want more freedom and control, though, you should pick something else, like WordPress.

Is Wix or Squarespace better?

Wix is a website builder that is known for having a simple interface and lots of style choices. Squarespace is known for having a more polished set of tools and features, but its plans tend to be a little more pricey. There are good things about both platforms, so you should think about your wants and budget when choosing the best one for you.

Is Wix or WordPress better?

WordPress is a more complicated content management system that gives you more freedom but may be harder for people who don’t know how to code to use. Wix is an easy-to-use website builder that doesn’t require you to know how to code.

Is Wix or Shopify better?

Both Wix and Shopify are well-known e-commerce systems, but they are made to do different things. Shopify is mostly an e-commerce tool, while Wix is a website builder that can also be used for shopping.

How do I cancel a Wix subscription?

Go to the Subscriptions section of your account
Find your plan and click the “Show More” icon
Click “Cancel Plan”
Confirm the cancellation by clicking “Cancel Now” in the pop-up window

Note: I’ve tried many of the best website builders, such as GoDaddy Website Builder, Google Sites, Webflow, Jimdo, Webnode, and more.

But I chose not to include them as the best alternatives on this list so that you wouldn’t be stuck not knowing what to do.

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